Honouring your commitments

As we move towards the New Year, we often look to commit to a new way of being and to creating a new life. Here in NZ we are in the middle of summer with sunshine, optimism and the underlying Capricorn energy of achievement providing momentum and enthusiasm for setting goals and seeing a new vision for the future.

Making changes in our lives or achieving any goal requires commitment. And any commitment requires ongoing intention.

3 steps for successful commitments

Try these three steps to ensure you honour the commitments you make:

  • Only make commitments that you mean or are important to you. No off-the-cuff or unconscious mumblings
  • Take time every day to reaffirm that commitment with action. It is not enough to utter a wishful statement and then expect it to happen without action
  • Reaffirm the commitment with a daily re-dedication eg “I am committed to…” This could be: creating a more loving home; completing unfinished projects; nourishing and nurturing myself with highly nutritious food; maintaining my spiritual practice; honouring my creativity.

What is your commitment to yourself, your family, your soul, your spirit, to the earth, to humanity for 2016? How will you honour that? What is your affirming action? What is your daily affirming re-dedication?

May we be discerning in our choice of goals, and honour the commitments we make. Many blessings for a prosperous, insightful, and evolutionary year ahead.

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