What part of you is in charge?

Today’s date 4th January 2016 adds up to 5 and this correlates to the plant essence Red Rata which supports the soul lesson of ‘Being directed by inner guidance and one’s spiritual connectedness.

We all have that part of us that is the wise one within, the part of us that knows what is right for us. This may not necessarily be what society, our partner, family, friends, health professional or spiritual mentor believe or agree with.

When you connect to the truth of spirit within, you will know what food you need to eat, what exercise is best for you, what your soul wishes you to be. Too often, we give away our power and ignore our wise inner one to tread a path that is not ours.

The card Obedience above is from the Original Angel Cards by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake and comes with the following insight:

“What part of you is in charge? Be mindful of your inner knowing. Follow your deepest impulse with discipline”

Is fear or wisdom leading you?

What part of you is in charge? Fear, uncontrolled emotions, unresolved pain? Or the wise and courageous one within that is able to accept, transcend or transform all?

Many blessing as we take a moment to be still and listen to the wise one within and follow our own inner knowing.

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