Our lives are often full of many things that vie for our attention – shoulds, needs and wants, so where do you put your energy?

The truth is that if we stop for a moment, we will know exactly what it is that we need to do.

The key word here is need.

Shoulds, wants & needs

It is not the wants, which are personality or ego driven and it is not the shoulds, which carry obligation and are usually externally driven that require our attention and action.

Needs carry a different energy from wants and shoulds. There is a sense of non-negotiability and completion about them. Think of finalising your accounts, tending a sick child, finishing a task or project, de-cluttering or taking time out.
No whining, moaning, low energy shoulds or foot stamping high energy tantrum emotional demands or ‘I deserve’ wants.

Just a clear knowing of what has to be done.

Where do you put your energy? Shoulds, needs or wants?

Many blessings as we attend to what needs to be done with grace, ease and a smile on our face!

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