Can you believe it?

We are over half way through 2021. Jeepers!

As we live a life, a rich tapestry of many strands is woven.

Joys and sorrows, opportunities taken and missed, people who have come, gone and those still here, the ups and downs of relationships, the call of the soul’s needs and desires, the drive to serve, all threaded together to create the tapestry that is us.

Under the duress of life, we can sometimes forget how awesome we are. Those gold threads get a little threadbare and tarnished.

Parts of ourselves get left behind as the journey of life overtakes us.

The joyful child, the adventurous teen, the courageous 20something, the passionate human, the caring mother, the inspired artist, the heart with a cause.

Yes, we often need to let go of the past to flourish (from this week’s Oracle – which if you missed can be read here), but letting go does not mean we need to leave parts of us behind.

It can be valuable to stop and review for a moment.

Reviewing gives us the opportunity to intentionally acknowledge forgotten skills, attributes, achievements, contributions, ways of being, and acts of courage and compassion.

This gold can then be woven back in to further enrich our life.

If you would like to review the last six months (or more!) and be reminded of how awesome you are, you can download a review sheet here.

I’d love to hear what delights you discover in your review. Drop me a line and let me know.

For me 2021 has been a year of return.

A return to focus fully on the work that I love.

To be back supporting people like you *|FNAME|* on their journey. The chance to do this is such a blessing. It never ceases to fill my heart with joy to see the light be restored within. A truly humbling and privileged gift. Thank you ❤

With love

And of course, if you would like deep soul support on your journey, you can book a 1:1 consultation with me here.

PS: Tapestry featured is: “Honour the Women.” Woven for Morris and Co 1912
Group of figures represent: Courage, Caring, Love, Wisdom and Fidelity.

How cool is that?