Enlisting help with grace, truth and trust

How do you ask for spirit’s help?

Is it with emotional and spiritual maturity or less mature demanding?

During my Healer & Shamanic training I had a vision of my calls for assistance and support bombarding spirit. One after another, like a battering ram. Not a breath in between.

Perhaps you know that spirit delivers, but you are continually asking for more proof. One sign is not enough, you demand two or three.

Spirit will always respond, not necessarily in the timing or guise you expect, but there will always be a response. Allow spirit (or God, the Goddess, the universe, whatever your belief is) to respond in the perfect way and time. Use the rest of your energy to walk a path of peace and harmony.

Tips to asking with grace, truth & trust

  1. From a state of calm, ask the question, send out the prayer or request
  2. Know that your request or prayer has been heard
  3. Trust you will receive the support or your answer at the perfect time in the perfect way
  4. Now let your request go. (You can imagine your prayer as a balloon flying up to the heavens).
  5. Put your attention on the task directly at hand, get on with your daily life and create the space for your answer to be received and heard

I’d love to hear below how this has this helped you become more aware of the thoughts you send to spirit.

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