Yes today is the Autumn Equinox in NZ. (Monday 21/03/2022).
Historically this was a time of celebration. Celebrating the harvest and plentiful food.

Today many of us are not as close to the land and crops as previous generations, but we can still celebrate the abundance that is around us. At our place, the grapes are heavy on the vine, the first feijoas have fallen and the last figs remain.

Simple gratitude

Perhaps you could acknowledge and give thanks to all involved in the meal before you. Mother Earth for all the abundance and nourishment she provides us. Those that have grown, picked or gathered, transported, delivered and cooked.

A simple prayer of gratitude.

Run, Dance, Play!

What else can you celebrate?
What are you harvesting from the previous 6 or 12mths?

This could be a project or goal you have undertaken, a commitment, a habit or a change.
Take the opportunity to celebrate your achievements and you!

Autumn can also be a time of fertilizing and seeding. Over the weekend I bedded in my spring bulbs so they can gestate and pop their heads up in spring to herald the winter energy gently shifting.

The sun moved into Aries and the moon into Scorpio early this morning so lots of energy greeting us as we awake today. Creative Cronies’ calendar suggests Run! Dance! Play!

Sounds like a great way to make the most of that Martian and Scorpionic energy and celebrate!

May you know the energy of abundance and gratitude, and attune to your own natural rhythms.

With much love