Not many words have been coming my way recently so thought today’s card ‘Surrender Sensitive Sister, Be Moved by the Moon’ from Alana Fairchild’s Wild Kuan Yin Oracle was perfect.

Confirmation to move into the more silent, less speaking, more intuitive influence of listening to the internal rhythms and cycles.

It is winter here in NZ – a time where nature and the earth slow down. And so it feels for me within.
A time of reflection and the gathering of wisdoms and insights.

I loved these words from the Guidebook which I believe are very relevant to women today and often show up in consultation:

“You are meant to be moved by the moon, to sense and feel as you do. Don’t try to toughen up or protect yourself of become less sensitive, less emotionally attuned or less moved by energy and feeling”

The wounds and experiences of our lives can result in what I call armouring up. Where we close down our sensitivity and deny our emotions to fit in, make less waves, accommodate others and their behaviours. make others feel more comfortable or to stop ourselves being seen.

But this is at the cost of ourselves and our feminine wisdom.

We brace ourselves against the world.

And by this bracing, let a little of ourselves and our souls die.

To reclaim and own this sensitivity requires courage for it requires us to heal childhood wounds, and clear old patterns, behaviours and habits that may have been in place for a lifetime or more!

So what does this card bring to my awareness and attention this week?

To honour my sensitivity, to not apologise or engage in the game of justification.

To allow the feelings to flow just like the rain shower that has just arrived and finished just as quickly.

How about you?

What does Surrender Sensitive Sister, Be Moved by the Moon mean for you?

I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Wishing you all much revelation as we honour our sensitive selves.

With much love

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