The cycle of life and death

We are in a continual cycle of life, death and rebirth. Within our body, our cells are constantly renewing and dying to be renewed again. In nature the leaves fall from the trees to provide nourishment for new growth.

Even this weekend with Easter honours the death and the resurrection (rebirth) of Jesus in the Christian faith.

For there to be rebirth, there must be a death. How many times has the death of a relationship led to a new relationship, the death of a belief or behaviour led to a new more expansive or fulfilling way of being?

The caterpillar must die to the old self before it can become the new.

  • What in your life is dying?
  • What is being or is ready to be birthed or reborn?
  • What is in the process of transformation?

Sometimes being in the bugmush – the inbetween death and rebirth bit, is a bit challenging. Be kind to yourself in the process of transformation. Essences are a great help at this time! Contact me for support, I’d be honoured to help.

Many blessings as we honour and embrace the continual cycle of birth, death and rebirth in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.

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