Boredom, bbqs, and a little hurrumphing…

Wow, this weekend has been the biggest challenge so far. Was tempted to throw my green juice into the compost!

Yesterday was particularly hard, but being the last day of 2 weeks of juicing and 3 weeks total was probably always going to be the case.

But managed to hold my course.

A little wayward

Today did venture a little on the wayward side with a little chicken and mushrooms but still had some chickweed salad and a bit of dandelion.

When harrumphing, take action

Planted next lot of vegies yesterday, so our lettuce stocks are starting to come on. Yay! Garden in general starting to look abundant – amazing what a couple of weeks and some good spring weather does.

Next step

Tomorrow back to foraging, gathering and receiving. Have been gifted some lovely produce so far – lemons, limes and rosemary, scrummy silverbeet and homegrown pumpkin on Saturday so looking foward to a delicious pumpkin salad.
Will continue juicing as I generally enjoy drinking this for breakfast and afternoon tea.

Did you know? 

Chickweed is a star? That’s it in the photo above. It has small white starry flowers, is called Stellaria media and is an amazing herb. It is full of minerals, and according to Susun Weed at the below link helps eliminate fat and tumours. I wasn’t aware of this but definitely a good reason to keep having it. You can tell Chickweed – it has an elastic ‘thread’ when you pull it. Sorry In the photo above it is the green small rounded leaves hanging out of the barrel.

Observations for the week

Probably haven’t been drinking enough herbal or weed teas.
Oh and I’m not very nice to be around when harrumphing! But wise use of this energy does get things done!

I’m off to nibble a little more chickweed!


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