“You have broken me open to radiate my light. Watch this space!”  

Hard to believe it was only just over two weeks ago we had our Sacred Honouring Retreat.

These retreats are always beautiful both in terms of the women who attend and the growth and healing that occurs. This time was no exception.

It sounds trite, but it was truly an honour to behold the transformations that occurred for all the women.

There were nourishing connections to nature, each other, deep soul healing and releasing of the past. All supported by laughter, tears, compassion, reverent listening and a oodles of love.

The power and healing of the Goddess expressed through the gathering of women, deep soul work, Qoya dance, labyrinth and sacred plant medicine.

Deep. Magical. Healing.

Opening to the light

The picture above came to mind when Julie sent through her text last week:

“Oh you have no idea of the level at which you are helping… you have broken me open to radiate my light. Watch this space!” 

Fear & Personal Transformation

Often it can feel a bit intimidating or frightening at the thought of personal transformation. That it will rip our hearts open, the tears will never stop or that we will be asked to radically change ourselves and our lives.

There is a way to not feel annihilated.

You are still required to have courage to open the door, but it enlists the help and support to take that first step through the door.

And then the next step forward as it appears before you.

Turning on the light for gentle transformation

To transform darkness, we only need to turn on the light.

In personal consultations or in group work with me, we turn on the light so that which is ready to be healing and transformed is brought to awareness.

We then work with the power of light to transmute, heal and transform.

For those who have not attended a retreat of mine or worked with me before, I provide a safe sacred space that allows deep personal transformation to occur in a gentle but profound way.

Working with Soul & Spirit

I believe the human psyche has an inherent fear of change.

Working with your soul and your spirit, only that which is ready to be addressed will arise and make itself known.

This provides a level of safety and security for you and your unconscious mind. Layering more trauma upon trauma does not serve.

There may be some tears, and very likely personal evolutionary work to be done.
And you may need to gather our courage to take that first step.

But you will be supported.

You will be supported by the power of light.

The Healing Path of Light

I work with the power of light primarily through the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®. These essences are made of and for the light. They are powerful allies on our path towards wholeness, beauty and joy.

I also work with powerful guided visualisations that work at a soul level with the outcome determined by your own spirit and soul. My role is to create the space and facilitate the healing process.

Often that which is brought to light is not what our egos think should it be and why sometimes the call to see me is not consciously known. You may just be feeling a bit ‘off’ – a little whisper from spirit.

Whatever the prompt or call is, the soul knows. Your spirit knows.

How reassuring is that?

Retreat transformations

Many doors opened for the women on the retreat this year.

Every year I say I must take ‘before and after’ photos to show the changes in the faces of each women. And every year I forget.

But perhaps the physical feeling and knowing is enough?

After all everyone has their own path.

Their comments are below. You can judge for yourself.

“Thank you. I’ve not really done anything like the retreat before, and it’s fair to say with my upbringing I’ve run the other direction from anything termed ‘spiritual’!
I’m still floating on a cloud from the weekend. All that lovely relaxing, amazing food and amazing healing. I leave feeling more centred, having released a lot of unnecessary emotion and processed past hurts. I take away a better way of living true to my values and self.
Thank you Deb. I truly appreciated the weekend.” Radha

“I enjoyed everything no matter what it brought.
I left feeling I had done so much work that I had never imagined before I came.
I’m feeling tired in a good way and there were so many surprises arising from who I am over this weekend.
Thanks Debbie for your facilitating. It was non-intrusive and brings out the soul to examine. The retreat was amazing. Thank you very much.” Bronwyn

“I leave today feeling loved, nurtured, welcomed and complete.
I take away honouring myself, listening to my inner voice, being kind to myself and others and being more silent and listening more.
I also feel stronger and more purposeful about decision making.
Really listening and tuning into what my heart desires.
Like Julie, I also feel like I have cracked open which allows the light to shine through to my soul, and to warm my heart with joy.
Thanks again for such a memorable weekend.” Cathy

“There were so many wonderful and supportive moments that gave me opportunities to dive deeper in myself and excavate, along with the space and time to be heard and witnessed by the amazing group of women. 
You provide a safe and supportive container that is unassuming yet deep to the core.
The way you move the energy with your words and create a space between the spaces is a gift.
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for the spaces you create to be with the Divine and heal. Always in love Al x”

“I arrived on Friday evening feeling tired and overwhelmed, dehydrated and in need of an awful lot more than just food, water and rest. I left feeling full in very sense of the word and will be taking away the courage to shine my light brightly and unashamedly.
I am now sitting at home in my rocking chair contemplating and processing my incredible journey over the last few days.
Some very deep transformative energies at play, so I’m excited to watch it all play out.
An immense and overwhelming gratitude to both of you, for another amazing weekend.
So in awe of the depths you operate at/from Deb. You hold space like no other, and you do so much more than that.
Thank you from the souls of my feet to the deep recesses of my heart.
 ” Julie

Such an absolute honour and a delight to witness.
Totally inspirational.

Looking forward to supporting more women find and radiate their light.

With love

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Picture credit: Expansion by Paige Bradley