This week I am sharing an affirmation I woke up with on Tuesday morning:

“I call my power back from all times and places.”

We can lose our power in a myriad of ways and for many reasons. But we can also call it back.

From the guidebook*:
“We remember what true power is when we divest all outside authority of the power we had been giving them. 
Thecla reminds us we do not need permission to be who we are.”


Where are you giving your power away?


Who or what to?


We do not have to have anger or judgement around these answers, just allow them to be.

Once brought to our awareness, we can simply change the music or the dance by focusing on calling back that which is ours.


How are you giving your power away?

Perhaps you are giving your power away through holding anger towards another or a situation. Or fear or disappointment is leaking your power. Or perhaps you are living in or regretting the past. Maybe focused on the future or believing you will be happy when …. to the exclusion and detriment of the present.

To claim our energy and power fully in the moment and then from this space call back our power that we have given away or had taken away, allows us to be more power-full and power filled.

Below is a suggestion on how to work with the affirmation to do this.


Suggestion to work with the affirmation

  1. Take a moment to centre and breathe 3 times.
  2. Say the affirmation. “I call my power back from all time and places”
  3. See the power as rays or streams of light or energy coming back to you.
  4. Say the 2nd part of the affirmation: “I am my own.”
  5. Breathe this in and feel into your power and wholeness for a moment.

Move back into your day.


And to finish – a Postscript from last week

After sending last week’s inspiration, that included the affirmation: “Let me accept stretches of quiet and rest, knowing they recharge me for future action”, I have been sick.
Nothing major, just a change of seasons clearing, but I have had little energy to do much more than rest.

A perfect opportunity to really see who much I can truly relax into and let go of the fear and guilt about not working or doing.
I am sure the Goddesses and Gods are smiling benevolently at me as I succeed to varying degrees!

Wishing you well. May we all be our powerful, unique selves.

I’d love to hear your experience of claiming and calling back your power. Just pop a comment down below.

With love

*Thecla – The Prophetess of True Power. From the Divine Feminine Oracle Cards by Meggan Watterson