Yes the end of 2017 is upon us and the New Year is in sight.

I love that the New Year always has the Capricorn energy of achievement and aspiration – the perfect partners for planning and ‘getting the job done’.

And with the Full Moon occurring on 2nd January the energy is building so a perfect time to decide and intend what you want to bring in for the new year. My Annual Review sheet can help you find the gems and delights in 2017 and set the energy for 2018. Click here for your copy.

Part of my intention this year includes a hope for humanity and the earth. And I’m working on the premise that to change the world, we start with ourselves. I’m ‘being the change I wish to see in the world.’

My desire is for more honouring and respect in the world so this year one of my affirmations (or statements of intent) is:

“I honour, trust and respect myself”

As I be the change I wish to see in the world, it might just create the tipping point.

What’s the change you wish to see in the world?


What is the change you are being?


And as the year closes, thank you to you all.

Whether it is letting me arrive in your inbox, as a face to face client or a member of one of my group offerings, it is an honour to be part of your life and your path of evolution. I honour your strength, courage and spirit.

With much love as we farewell 2017 and enter another year of promise and hope.

And if you wanted to share your being intention, you can do so below. I’d love to hear your change.