As many of you know, my life is full of magic and one of my joys is helping others see the magic in their life. To see how the universe whispers its support to us.

Always looking to connect the threads and see the deeper meaning in the every day, if something ‘pops’ into my awareness, I take notice. For I believe it is spirit talking to me.

Kinsukuroi magic

Last weekend at my Intuitive Oracle Card Workshop, we talked about the art of Kintsukuroi or the Japanese Art of ceramic repair (Kintsukuroi = golden mend), where broken bowls are repaired with gold (or silver), and considered even more beautiful than in their original state.
Of course, this is a fitting analogy for our broken and damaged selves. (The subject of another blog at a later date).

The magic of Kintsukuroi this time, is that after hearing it mentioned on the weekend, one of the attendees was delighted to read an article about it a couple of days later!

This is the magic.

It is there for us all.

We just need to be open and notice!

With love

PS That coincidence went directly into her magic and synchronicity journal. A Magic & Synchronicity journal is a great way to reinforce the beautiful, supportive and magical world of wonder we live in. Why not start one yourself today and see.