I’ve been thinking….

What if we all decided to let go of animosity, judgement, resentment, frustration and anger at all those in our world for the next week?

What if we thought of that person with compassion for where they are in their life instead of focusing on our reaction to and the story around them?

What if we decided today to make a change? To leave behind the pain of the past, the hurt of ages, the anger of eons?

What if we intentionally held that person in the sacred cradle of compassion? What if we gave up the fight or history to just let them and us be?  What if we practiced conscious compassion?

What if we stopped needing to be right and our hearts opened and healed as a result?
What if we saw the divine in everyone?

Hmmm food for thought…


Many blessings as we gift conscious compassion to the world and ourselves


I’d love to hear below how this has this helped you allow compassion to be your companion and any resulting miraculous changes you noticed.
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