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Life is busy and I know it can be hard to keep your faith, balance and centre.

To help, I offer you a variety of resources including moon rituals, a guided mediation and writings to help you connect and find ease, calm and clarity. Also a selection of some of my favourite spiritual books and oracle cards that help keep my feet on the path. Trust you too, gain some  inspiration, insight and support.

Free downloads for your journey

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Calm in the Chaos Tips

6 tips to help you find your centre in this crazy world. A4 pdf to print and put somewhere visible as a handy reminder.

Download here

Ode to your Fierce Heart

I have never aligned with the sickly sweet love & light brand of spirituality…
My ode to the Fierce Hearts we have.

Download here

Cord Cutting Exercise

Release energetic entanglements with my cord cutting exercise. There is also a link to a guided audio file.

Download here

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Grounding Meditation

Connect in with Mother Earth, the altar of your heart and the cosmos for peace, calm and hope. (6min audio)

Download here

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Review & Intention Sheet

Intuitive assistance for new chapters and new beginnings. Decide what to carry forward and discover what your soul wants to manifest.

Download here

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Oracle Card Spread

This eight position spread provides insight into influences, focuses, and actions. Useful for new year clarity or other queries. 

Download here

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New Moon Ceremony

Work with the regenerative powers of the New Moon. Seed in your intentions so these can be nourished and nurtured.

Download here

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Full Moon Ceremony

Work with the manifesting energy of the full moon to consolidate your dreams and intentions.

Download here

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Dark of the Moon Ceremony

A  time of powerful magic to release anything not wanting to carry through to the next lunar cycle.

Download here

Some of my favourite spiritual reads and oracle cards

Books to delight

Some oldies and some newies, but goodies all the same.


Change Me Prayers

Tosha Silver’s unique sytel of storytelling and prayers sparkle with humour and a good dose of hope. Surrender was never so easy! A real gem.


Outrageous Openness

Tosha Silver’s first book helps us move beyond our ego and give the reins to Spirit. Her inclusiveness of all expressions of Divinity offers a wide appeal.


Song of Increase

I found this book incredibly heart-warming and dripping with the honey of truth. It left me in awe at the part bees play in the wellbeing of the world.


You can Heal Your Life

The pioneering definitive mind, body, emotion link text of our time by Louise Hay. A must have for any bookcase. 


The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa

My ‘bible’ for working with First Light® Flower Essences of NZ.
The magic and wisdom within is mindblowing.
Highly recommended


Creative Visualisation

This book was one of my first ‘spiritual’ books that confirmed my belief in magic and the power of the mind to create and manifest.


If Women Rose Rooted

Entwined with myth, personal story and astute observations we are called to find our own sovereignty and place of belonging.


The Healing Power of Trees

Support your own connection with the tree allies and teachers of the Celtic tradition. Includes meditations and rune associations.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are an excellent channel and tool for your intuition or higher self. Some of my favourites.


Kuan Yin Oracle

These are delightful companions to connect to the power of the Divine Feminine via the compassion and love of Kuan Yin.
Each card includes a meditation and prayer of blessing and invocation.

The Wild Offering Oracle

These cards provide uplifting spiritual invocations for surrender. Surrendering our troubles to the Divine, whether they be worries, finances, relationships, or self worth. A beautiful way to ‘get out of our own way!’

The Divine Feminine Oracle

Megann Watterson provides an abundance of female saints, mystics and goddesses to inspire and support us to honour the sacredness and power of the divine feminine that resides within.

The Wild Unknown Tarot

The gift of these hand drawn cards is in their simplicity, starkness and touches of brilliant colour. Based on the Rider Waite Tarot these can provide a clear focus point of clarity.

Looking for deeper personal support?

Working with me supports deep levels of healing, growth and tranformation in a gentle and empowered way.
If you’re ready to drop the struggle, let go of the old stories and meet life from a place of alignment, power, clarity and easy unfoldment,
I’d love to help.

Looking for help to

  • Live more intuitively
  • Find your power and purpose
  • Embrace change with anticipation
  • Restore joy into your life
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Release regret, pain and trauma
  • Find your voice and walk with courage
  • Create a new life of magic and flow 
  • Move forward with ease

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