The three D’s 

What if the key to freedom was discipline?
What if the key to joy was dedication?
What if the key to fulfllment was determination?

Discipline, dediction and determination 

Three words which can have us heading for the ease and comfort of the known. However, the gift of the age we live in is that with self-responsibility and commitment to doing the work, we can achieve freedom. Freedom from fear, energy leakage, limiting beliefs and behaviours – freedom to be our authentic selves.


It is totally up to us as individuals. No-one else can do it for us. Others can support and encourage, absolutely! But it comes down to us to find the discipline, dedication and determination within. This is an internal self-directed journey.


Freedom, joy and fulfilment.
Discipline means you commit to and take action every day towards your goal.
Dedication spurs you to be the best version of yourself you can be.
Determination keeps you going even when the going gets hard.

What part of your life needs your discipline, dedication and determination?

Do you need to think more positively about yourself? Be physcially more active? Or perhaps you need to be more compassionate?

Whatever your path to freedom, joy and fulfilment is – to live a life of sprit, may you find the D’s you need.

I’d love to hear your comments below how this has this helped you commit to yourself and your life with greater focus.
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