Where do tenacity and perseverance show up in your life?

I have recently been observing how courageous and tenacious people are. Their ability to persevere when the easier option would be to give up, is inspiring.
Of course, there are a number of motivating factors – the job needs to be done; their goal or dream cannot be realised without the hard graft and effort, and the letting go of comfort as they reach for the heights; or perhaps they are just committed to being the best they can be and this requires facing fears and addressing weaknesses.

Many years ago at Outward Bound, one of the members in our group was petrified of heights. On the rock climbing activity, he had several goes at attempting the climb but was unable to ascend more than 3 feet off the ground. He showed more courage than any of us who scaled the face with ease. This same person was the only volunteer to swim out late one night to re-moor our boat. He was the least capable and confident swimmer of our group, yet was willing to put his hand up while everyone else preferred to stay warm by the fire or tucked up in their tents.

It takes courage and perseverance to attempt something we are not good at. While we may not achieve total success, the act of attempting to do so will help build our courage, perseverance and tenacity muscles.

My question to you this week is:
What do you attempt or consider that which does not come naturally or easy to you?
Or do you stay with the easy comfort of that which you can do with ease and confidence?

Many blessings as we expand our experiences, look for opportunities for growth, and build our tenacity and courage muscles along the way.

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