A trip to connect with nature yesterday saw me entranced by dragonflies, delighted by swallows and filled with hope as I heard a frog croak – a sound once commonly heard but less so now.
The dragonflies were zooming all over and around a pond, landing for a moment and then off on their way again. Meanwhile the swallows darted and swooped through the air. Lots movement in the air yesterday!

While there are many sites you can look up for potential symbolism, for me, swallows with their sense of community and their resilience and adaptability building their nests up high using mud and sticks, represent the community and friendship of women. They also remind me of a special soul no longer on this earth plane.
Dragonflies speak of magic and wonder with their iridescent wings and agile flight and hovering. I believe they are the harbingers of magic, synchronicity and connection to spiritual lineages. Symbolically they have associated with pure potential and breaking free of old paradigms, transformation and renewal.
Frogs are representative also of transformation but in addition, while clearly vocal, they are also discerning in being heard. They go quiet when you come within a certain distance of them and then once you move away they resume their croaking.

So the themes from yesterday’s encounters?

  • Deftness, speed, agility, adaptability, synchronicity, lineages, transformation and vocal discernment

Air is associated with the mind and the mental realm. Also the area of personal will.
Water the emotions and emotional realm, relating and creativity.

Certainly some magic, mystery and wisdom for me to unravel and integrate!

I’d love to hear:

  • What magic have you seen in nature recently?
  • What restorative healing has nature gifted you? What might the messages be?
  • What have you given back to nature and those that reside within her? How have you honoured her?

Drop your thoughts and observations in the comments below.

Much love as we find the magic and wisdom and soulfully engage with nature and the world.