Last week saw me celebrate my 57th birthday(!) spending the weekend with two friends from school, who have known me for close to 50yrs. We laughed, reminisced and hung out. Fun!

Birthdays and Soul Growth

Did you know that with each year of our solar return, we have the opportunity to embrace new soul learnings and growth? (Based on the numerology of your birthday).

This year sees me move into my Wheel Of Fortune (from the Tarot) or Synchronicity Year – an opportunity to align with the synchronicity of the universe. To be in tune with the magic of the moment, attuned to natural cycles, rhythms and timing, and have non-attachment.

Sounds like more fun!

And being in tune with oneself and with life – delicious.

The painting above is my representation of The Wheel of Fortune painted under the tutelage of Claire McLeary in her Time for Art classes many years ago
These classes gave me great joy, as I had an avenue for creative outflow. Claire offered the opportunity to try new techniques and different perspectives, to expand and stretch.

A bit like the growth our soul often asks of us.

This growth is often in the form of change, endings and the releasing of the past or the old.

As you may know the last 9mths have seen the passing of the two significant women in my life – my mother and my godmother, and after recently farewelling a beautiful soul sister who left this earth plane unexpectedly at 56yrs, I was reminded that…

Life is short.

Let’s make the most of it and dance with the rhythms of our souls, nature, the universe. Let’s ride the waves and tides of power with grace and intention.

Because our ‘job’ is to let our soul’s joy shine brightly. So others can shine brightly too. And we shine brightly when we are connected to our soul and expressing our soul’s joy.

Intrigued about what year of unfoldment your soul is in?

Simply reply with your birthdate and I will give you the key theme for your year.

Experience life as a magical journey

If you would like to work more intentionally with the energies of soul growth and joy,  connect with the spiritual guides and universal healing energies that are there to assist, I am offering a Sacred Plant Remedy and the appropriate Deva Blessing to help you experience life as a magical journey and meet life confidently and consciously.

Cost: $58.00 ($50 + $8 P&P)

Simply reply via return email with:

  • Soul Joy in the Subject line 
  • Your date of birth in the body of the email and
  • Your delivery address

I will make up the remedy and send by courier to you.

I’m enjoying the change of energy from my Hermit or Reflection year (which was the perfect energy to meet Lockdown with) to Synchronicity as I engage more with people and the world. Riding the waves!

With much love and great joy