Today, a message for those stepping into a new adventure, a new way of being or calling and may be feeling a little wobbly, unsure, afraid or doubting about embracing change and saying YES!

Undergoing transformational change can be disconcerting as we are asked to let go of the old and embrace the new. And while we may be ready to move forward, sometimes those wobbles benefit from a little encouragement and support.

The card is Grandmother Ensures Safe Crossing from the Wild Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild.

What I love about this card is the inclusion of the Grandmother reassuring energy. For me Grandmother holds the Crone Energy – wise, compassionate and supportive, with a sparkle in her eye.
Not rescuing or interfering with a soul’s journey, but there to encourage, and support the leap of faith. She has been there and knows full well the rewards and the courage to take that leap. She is there to honour and celebrate the stepping into the new.
Just the words  ‘Grandmother ensures safe crossing’ makes me feel like I am being held in safety. How about you?

Grandmother Ensures Safe Crossing

From the guidebook
“You have a journey ahead of you. This journey will lead you across the water, far away from what you have known. 
To bear the crossing of the water you must lose sight of the shore. It is part of your destiny, your sacred life path to take this journey. So although you may feel excitement or fear, hope or uncertainty about whether you are up to the task, know that it is meant for you. This journey is divinely blessed and will bring great success. 

A journey changes us on the inside. It awakens us into more of who we are.
There are no guarantees given as to how your journey will unfold – just that you have had all the preparation you need, even if you doubt your readiness. The Ancient Wisdom of the Divine Mother in the form of Grandmother will protect you.
When the time is upon you, when you feel the stirring of divine discontent and the call of the wild to grow and expand, you are best to answer with a huge, heartfelt “YES! “”

With love on a Thursday