Which of these best represents you at the moment?

Frayed at the edges with life slipping through or fully abundant with gifts of the feminine?


The capacity of women never ceases to amaze me.

We are constantly holding everything together.

But, over time the basket starts to fray. The first to drop out are our dreams.
Then our self care.

The basket frays even more.
We persevere and try harder, holding everything a bit tighter, but it doesn’t help.

The threads of our relationships are falling through, along with our joy and health.

We get tired. Exhausted.

And then the basket falls apart.

What does it take for you to stop and attend to your basket?


I don’t suggest you wait until you need a blood transfusion or suffer the embarrassment of crying in front of the CEO before taking action!

Yes I have experienced both these and more over the years before I attended to my own empty and frayed basket.  It’s like housework, it needs consistent attention and action.

Let me know how I can support you attend to yours.

With love