This came into my feed via a friend on Instagram (thanks Bronwynn) and pretty much encapsulates my thoughts on joy.

Whenever I think of joy, I think of the Dalai Lama. He exudes joy and for me is the embodiment of the true enduring nature of joy. The nourishing platform of the joy that flows with and through the blood. That is not dependant upon external validation or proof. Like a sea of love within.

Our society currently values and encourages the pursuit of pleasure – either because ‘I’m worth it’ or ‘I deserve it’. And then reality TV and main stream media – full of heightened emotion, driving the sacral emotive reaction wheel round. “Buy this, Do that. Oh poor…. How dare they!….”

Rather than the peaks and troughs of emotional pleasure and pain, joy is more of a flatline. It is a constant pulse or gentle ripple that taps gently on your psyche to lift the corners of your mouth, unveil the sparkle in your eye and find pleasure in the small. And the big.

It brings its companions compassion and tolerance, as we accept that which we cannot change and the courage to change that which we can. We fall fully into the abundance of who we are without the need to prove or posture.

Take a breath now and allow joy in. (You can close your eyes too. Unless you are driving of course!😂)

You can use the following mantra:

Breathing in, I am joy
Breathing out, I am joy.

I’ll take that softness and constancy any day.

With much love as we embrace the power of enduring joy!