The world we live in is a dynamic energetic pool (or ‘soup’) and a common point of discussion over the last few months has been around ‘What are you putting or stirring into the pot?’

Everything we think and say, including opinions about someone or something, adds energy to the ‘pot’. Another moan and groan adds to the Moan and Groan Pot. Criticism and judgements are ingredients regularly stirred into the Disempowerment and Disgruntled Pot. And this is not just in person. With social media a large part of our lives today, it is important to be discerning around these communication channels as well.

Are you adding to the empowerment of the world with our interactions, thoughts and actions? Or are you just adding another divisive and discordant ingredient in the universal energetic matrix?

To check ask these questions:

‘Is this wanted or needed – is it necessary?’
‘Does the world need my opinion or am I just adding to the festering pot of disempowerment and distortion? Contributing to the opinionated powerplays continually simmering away?

What are you putting into the ‘energetic soup’ we live in?

Many blessings as we reflect on our contribution to the energetic matrix that we live in and are affected by. May we participate with the highest intentions and discernment.

I’d love to hear below how this has changed the way you see or interact with the world.