You need to show up!

Monday mornings for me are a switch into organise mode, when I clear and clean after the weekend, and get organised and focused for the week.

This morning has required all of my self-control and self-discipline to ensure all the tasks and chores get done and not take an easier road.  Everything seemed to require three steps to get where I wanted to go or get things done rather than one single one. I should have had an inkling when upon waking I was given the words – “you need to show up.”

Sometimes we are challenged to persevere and overcome the obstacles placed in our path. While ongoing obstacles may be a nudge from spirit to take another path, it can also mean that you are being asked to commit and show up fully.

A nudge or a test?

This morning I knew that I wasn’t being given a nudge to engage in something easier or more pleasurable. I was being asked to get on and get the job done. We all have the ability to know the truth. I knew deep in my being that this was an opportunity to flex my resolve and commitment muscles. My response therefore was to ask: How can I get this done? What do I need to do to be able to do…?

How vs Why?

How can I? enables us to look forward and wide to come up with a solution.
Why has this happened? or Why me? keeps us feeling sorry for ourselves and prevents us from getting anywhere.

What will be your response? How will you show up?


Like the bee in the picture above may we rise to the challenge of the tasks before us with perseverance, commitment and total focus.

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PS: Thanks to Kathy Needham for the gorgeous pic of the bee collecting pollen.