One of the gifts of the work I do, is that I get to practice every day what I teach and learn. This might be staying calm and heart centred in relationship, finding the discipline to uphold the spiritual practices that keep me centred or as was the case recently, enjoying the luck and magic that unfolds.

What Mrs White, in the Living Room with the pistol, and 5 x 6’s taught me about being in the flow

Recently in a family game of Cluedo. I was first up, threw the dice, moved into the Living Room and made an accusation: “Mrs White, in the Living Room with the pistol”. To the amazement of everyone, myself included, I guessed correctly. First throw of the dice and the game was finished!

Yahtzee up next and on the first round I threw 5 x 6’s in a game of Yahtzee. Definitely a lucky start.

Getting in the flow

While seemingly very simple and maybe even inane these two consecutive occurences were the physical manifestation of being in the stream of manifestation. There was no striving, wishing or attachment to winning either game. I was simply in the blissful flow of naturally occurring luck and abundance. To all intents and purposes it just happened. The truth is that I had created a space and way of being that enabled the majesty and magic of the universe to flow to and through me. I was in the flow.

Let that be who you are

When we sit in the flow of the divine, this can be our experience across all areas of our life. Imagine if we didn’t have to try, that our ‘job’ was simply to provide the optimal conditions for the flow of luck and abundance to be who we are, not something that we attain.

Many blessings as we be ‘lucky’ in our lives. May we know ourselves to be the limitlesness potentials that we are.

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I’d love to hear below how this has this helped you move into the flow. Know someone else who might also enjoy this? Please share!