Global harmony and personal action

With Aries and Mars influence very strong at the moment, it is a great time to look at how we contribute to unity and harmony via our emotions and thoughts.

Aries is the warrior of the zodiac and can provide a fiery energy which includes dynamic enthusiasm and initiative as well as anger, irritation and frustration.

Our emotions are important sign posts showing us how and where to direct our energy. However, external projections of anger and irritation do little to foster harmony and connection.

In reality they create division, a them and us/you and me separation.

For every projection of blame, irritation and judgement towards another, we create disharmony in the world.

A personal frustration at roadworks or the endless wait on the end of a phone projects more negative, divisive energy out into the world. In today’s world it is easy to see the impact and destructiveness of these endless projections – you only need to turn on the news.

We are all responsible for all we contribute to the state of the world whether it be our thoughts, feelings, or actions.

This week, own the part you play polluting the airways with uncensored and destructive emotions or thoughts.

Use the powerful energy of anger, frustration, irritation or blame to gain clarity around boundaries, take responsibility for meeting your own needs, get physically connected with nature or to take action. Using the ‘heat’ for action allows you to speak your truth from a foundation of gentle strength and the true spirit of connection to unfold.

May we have awareness of the words and thoughts we have so we can choose the path of harmony, reconciliation and peace.
Many blessings.

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