Holding our centre

Yesterday I was reviewing a book I wrote ten years ago about motherhood and taking time to really read the words I had written. The book took form when the following paragraph arrived in my consciousness:

If we knew that every time we touch something, we give it purpose, meaning, love, compassion, a sense of belonging …

How would we speak?

How would we listen?

How would we encourage?  

Rereading the draft I was interested in my response: “That’s all very well, but how do we do it all the time?” And the answer came – with a breath, a tiny space, and a removal of ourselves from the equation.

Think how safe and heard you have felt when someone listened to you with the intent of hearing you rather than give their opinion. And what about when you have been the listener, really hearing the person with no agendas or unconscious energy attachments?

Holding this space can be difficult when the person is complaining, blaming or attacking us, but if we shift our focus from our own reactionary pain to “what do they need?” a space of love, acceptance and spirit is created.

Of course, I was immediately offered an opportunity to walk the talk, and created that space by removing myself and my lower based wants from the situation. It works.

Many blessings as we take a breath and allow spirit into the space.

I’d love to hear how this has this helped you hold your centre and create space for miracles in your interactions with others. you can leave your comment below.

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