Prior to sitting down to write this I was reminded of the Capricorn Full Moon today. With it’s energy of achievement, structure and order, and that we are now in the second half of the year, it offers an opportunity to reflect on the achievements and milestones of the last six months. 

The stand-outs for me so far this year are :

  • Supporting clients to clear and release restrictive and inhibiting life long patterns and beliefs with a revolutionary deep soul healing modality. Always such a joy and honour to do this sacred work.
  • Finishing redecorating our lounge – Yay! Love new paint, carpet and curtains!
  • Accepting (and undertaking) an offer of a part time 9 week corporate contract back in March. Enjoyed being part of a team again.
  • Attending a women Workshop where I co-created a drum. Been on my list since August last year – thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Moving further into the Crone or Wise Woman phase of life with the passing of my mother recently, meaning the two influential women in my life have gone and I no longer have any parents still on this earth plane.

The beauty and joy of our humanness

I’ve been lucky to have had the honour of writing and delivering the eulogies of family members that have passed in the last few years. It is such an honour to provide a fuller picture of them and the things about them that make them unique.
I’ve come to understand that as we reflect on those that we love, as I said in mum’s eulogy, it is our quirks and idiosyncrasies that more often than not provide the memories and smiles.
That’s the funny thing about life and relationships, it’s often not the perfection or all the times we did something right, but the times we stumbled, fell short of the mark, exhibited our human frailties that endears us to those that love us and sears us in their hearts.

Sacred Farewell

The day following mum’s death, I was blessed to spend the day by myself at a location that was significant to her in her younger years. My new drum accompanied me with the intention of drumming to honour and farewell her and help guide her spirit home. What transpired was very moving and sacred.
I am a quiet internal processer, preferring space and time on my own and the call was very clear that morning what I was to do. I share this as a reminder to follow our intuition as we know what is best for us as we meet life and all that it brings.

The Cauldron is cooking!

With mum’s passing, and both parents now gone, I am noticing a realignment of my energetic matrix as ancestral and societal energetic lines are disintegrating.

The relationship I have with myself and life is changing.

And put menopause in the mix, there is a lot brewing and integrating in that cauldron!
Everything is up for review and I’m looking forward to seeing how the future unfolds.

How about you?

What have the last six months gifted you? What achievements can you acknowledge? What structures have you put into place to support you?

If you would like to share and have these received in a sacred honouring space, I invite you to reply via email where I will hold those thoughts, insights, intentions or dreams in a sacred container of feminine heart and compassion.

With much love as we remember the miraculous and loving beings that we and those around us are.
RIP Mum❤️