I had the delight of making up a room spray to help set the intention for a flat of ’20-somethings’ this week. When asked to provide their collective intentions I was blown away by the list:

  • Personal growth
  • Sense of community
  • Forming amazing friendships
  • Space of constructive activities and hobbies
  • Encouragement
  • Development of intuition and deeper understanding of the universe/existence
  • To live in eco rather than ego. Reducing waste and being mindful of our contribution and impact on our world. To make a positive difference and influence.
  • A space of clear and honest communication
  • Creative collaboration and constructive feedback
  • Creating a space of love, light and goodness that can expand and be shared with the world

My heart sang as I read through the list. Not just at the inspirational intentions but also the realisation that there is a generation of beautiful aware souls committed to honouring the earth, and an enlightened way of operating. Talk about leading the way! The light of hope shines brightly.

When did you last set a powerful intention?

Where in your life would a collective intention be powerful? Perhaps as a family, you might set an intention for your home? As a class, an intention for your classroom? Maybe a workspace? A group working towards a goal?

Get support for your intention

Many clients have used my Personalised Energy Enhancing Sprays to enhance, shift and clear energy – for their homes, workplaces, teaching environs, and vehicles.

If you would like to order your own Energy Enhancing Spray to create and enhance the energy in your life and environment, contact me and let me know your intention. I’d love to make up a spray of a personalised blend of essences to support you and your intention.

Cost: 50ml Spray bottle: $90 + P&P
Includes instructions for a simple and effective energy clearing and intention ceremony.

Many blessings as we learn from the inspiring younger generation and create some magic.

I’d love to hear below how this has this inspired you to work with the power of intention, particularly collective intention. What miracles or results have occurred when you have set intentions in the past?
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