Do your foundations hold up to the winds and waters of change?

Do you find your sense of self or your centre being swept away with emotional turmoil? Either that of your own or others? Does anxiety or fear chip away at your peace and faith? Or perhaps you are overwhelmed by the sheer pressure of it all?

Know and support yourself

We each have a unique combination of personality strengths, expressions, and soul yearnings and potential for growth. When we know these and support them, we build strong foundations from which to live our life with grace, ease and power, and meet our destiny. From here joy can be the underlying essence of our lives.

Your constitutional blend – the perfect cornerstone

The easiest and most effective support I know, is to work with your Constitution Blend of First Light® Flower Essences of NZ. From your birthdate we can:

  • Support the positive expression of your personality with your ‘Power Flower’ or keynote,
  • Enhance your soul’s evolution or growth with the relevant plant essence,
  • Clear and cleanse the chakras,
  • Remove and heal trauma from the auric field,
  • Clear inherited or genetic patterns from the DNA for yourself and your bloodline

All this contributes to a strong energetic base or foundation from which to live in and cope with life

Want to be supported? Want to learn the secrets of your uniqueness?

Order a constitutional blend and learn to work with the powerful secrets and gems of your personality self and soul potential. Simply email me with your date of birth and I will make up your blend for you. Cost: NZ$30 + P&P. You can also order through my shop here.

Included will be details of your Power Flower, the relevance of the day you were born and insight into your soul’s life theme. My constitutional blend is a constant ally to keep my foundations strong and emotional responses

Many blessings as we work with, and honor the uniqueness that we are, and move forward powerfully to meet our destiny.

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