Nurturing, forgiving and honouring the self

Living this beautiful life on Earth gives us many gifts and challenges. (These challenges of course are just gifts in disguise!) One of these gifts is the opportunity to honour the self – both ourselves and other ‘selfs’.

Honouring the self may require you to say No, to pull back, or trust in the the process enough to put your attention where it needs to go, rather than the pre-determined place or focus you or others think it should go.

Isn’t it interesting that unless we are a toddler, we can find saying no difficult, particularly to friends and family. This inability or hesitancy to say no, can result in saying yes to things we don’t want to or finding ourselves in a very draining ‘no man’s land’ of indecision and unfinished business. There is no clarity or clear energy.  Rather a murky, messy energetic entanglement.

What if we honoured ourselves enough to say no?
What if we were honest enough to say no?
What if we were humble enough to say no?

By saying no, we can also be honouring the other person by being truthful and honest with them. It allows clarity to prevail. Perhaps it is someone else’s role to support, help, provide assistance, to play their part in the situation? Why would we think it is only us that can fill that role?

If we honour ourselves, if we are honest with ourselves and humble enough to know our limitations as well as our greatness, we might just say no a little more often. Clear energy, and brighter light like the glow worms above, here we come!

I’d love to hear how this has this helped you be more comfortable saying no.

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