Those who succeed always have wisdom for us. On the back of the America’s Cup win this morning, here’s what I am learning from Team NZ:

  • Keep a cool focus on the day’s task while trusting in your planning and foundation
  • Be innovative, push the boundaries – do what hasn’t been done before
  • Believe in the project
  • The value in team work
  • FLY! Who would have thought a boat could fly?

How am I applying this in my life?

  • Focus on the present action that needs to occur for my vision of greater engagement and wider breadth of audience to happen eg posting this!
  • Mindmapping and filling the outrageous idea bucket planned this week
  • Affirm and revisit the vision for myself, my business and One way is to connect into the feeling of the energies out into world. Eg how do I want my clients to feel, the EnSoul global audience to feel, myself to feel?
  • Acknowledging and celebrating the strengths of my team eg honouring the thoughtful service of my husband, the gentleness, humour and self-containment of my children, the expansive creativeness and positiveness of my EnSoul business partner, the brilliant eye of our videographer, the commitment and support of technical team
  • Bring in more light, via essences, expansive positive thoughts and a bit more Qoya dance! so I can fly too!

How about you?