Sometimes in this reality, we call life, we can feel we need to be perfect to be an inspiration or make a difference. But the truth is, being ourselves is inspiring.

I remember, over 20 years ago, going to a kinesiologist who spoke faster than me (which for those of you who know me, is certainly something!). I only went for a single session with her, but what I gained from that session, was invaluable. Yes, I gained some fab insights, but more importantly, I gained permission that it was okay to be me as I stepped onto my healing practitioner path – quick speech and all.

This permission was not something given by the practitioner but something I gave myself after being in her company. I had thought I needed to be more modulated in my speech – to be a slow-talking Zen master. Her realness in her practice, inspired me to honour and embrace who I am in my path.

We are all inspirational.

It may only be a fleeting one-off connection, a word, comment or action, but it can provide validation, reassurance or inspiration to another.

You may not know you are inspirational, but I’m here to tell you today you are. Just the way you are, in the life you have.

My clients constantly inspire me with their courage, commitment, and beauty. They inspire me to be a better, braver person.

Who has inspired you? What did their inspiration do for you? What change occurred for you?

This week thought it would be great to keep the flame of inspiration going so I have a task for you –
Why not reach out to someone who has inspired you to be more of who you are and say thanks! Let them know how they inspired you or what the light they lit within you was. If you can’t remember them, send a blessing of gratitude to them on the wind. They will still get it!

Honouring and celebrating you today! Thanks for your inspirational presence in this world.

With love

Debbie x