The price of ignoring intuition

My intuition spoke quietly to me on Sunday morning, “You need to do some stretches”, so up I got.
Once up, realised I had some time to myself and decided instead to be very indulgent and read.

All good until later that day my back protested and left me barely able to walk or sleep at night.

Yes, I had consciously made the decision to ignore those inner promptings and paid/am paying the price!

Of course, there are many contributing factors that have been percolating and accumulating over a period of time, but my higher self knew what was needed to enable me to move forward with ease this week. I ignored it at my peril!

How does your intuition speak to you?

For me, it speaks very quietly, just a gentle thought that pops in with a solid or stable energy associated with it.

How to know it is your intuition speaking to you

Usually there is very little emotion attached to it. We are neither pulled one way or another, nor highly excited. More of a certainty – a matter of factness, a knowing, (and can be contrary to logic).

It just feels right.

How to improve connection to your intuition

  • Give yourself quiet space regularly. Your intuition speaks quietly so reducing mind chatter can help you hear.
  • Trust.  Let go of judgements and explore the possibility that that thought or prompting might be your intuitive self speaking to you.
  • Stay open. Let go of the second guessing mind games. This only brings in doubt and tangled energy.
  • Play with it. Lightness brings more lightness, A bit of child-like wonder goes a long way
  • Write it down. Keep a record of your intuitive promptings and outcomes. This helps to consolidate and strengthens the paths of faith.


And if you do ignore your intuition? 

There are always great learnings to be gained. For instance, backs relate to support, so I’ve had the opportunity to look at my perceptions around support including lack of; how I use, care and honour my body; where I need to ask for help and from whom; where and how I support others.

Everything that comes our way including intuitive promptings, results of actions taken or not taken, can help us gain insights and capacities.