I have been enjoying regular visits these last few weeks by my friend Kingfisher.

Sitting in perfect stillness until the precise moment for action. And then with expert timing, a speedy dive and lunch is had.

Birds are messengers from spirit for me. They are of the air, so relate to the mind, solar plexus, mana, and the East.

When kingfisher pops up outside my window I am reminded of several things:

  • To be more still
    • Is my mind focused or mentally whirring?
  • Do I need to make any subtle adjustments to maintain my balance for this stillness to remain?
    • Have you ever observed how the kingfisher moves his tail slightly to ensure balance without moving his body?
  • Am I wasting energy?
    • The kingfisher sits fully focused until it is action time
    • Being the realm of Air and the East, is self-doubt or second guessing disrupting the balance?
  • Am I taking action when needed? Is it fully focused, precise and direct or a bit waffly and ho hum?
    • Am I fully in my power and committed to the action?

In summary, check the mind and mental machinations, be still, be patient, adjust to maintain balance and then act with full awareness and focus.

The observation of nature is a true delight and helps me stay centered, calm and connected.

Who or what has been figuratively tapping at your door or window recently?

What was the message for you?

May you see your own magic and messages in the natural world around us.



Here’s this week’s affirmation to help


“As I look with fresh eyes, magic is revealed to me”


I’d love to hear what magic gets revealed to you . Let me know in the comments below.


With love

Photo credit: Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash