As I woke to a new sunny day this morning and arose to do my first stroll for the year followed by some yoga, a sense of peace and joy prevailed. It was delightful to get the energy moving, open the body and quieten the mind.

You may remember from my blog Be the change that my intention for 2018, was ‘to honour, trust and respect myself’, and this was the motivation for this morning.

Showing a bit of love

Part of the residual from last year’s pressure for me has been some weight gain and this morning as I ran across the road was tempted to continue running as this has served me well in the past. But my motto of honouring, trusting and respecting myself meant I needed to tune in and check what my body needed rather than what my mind wanted. When checking in, I needed to nourish myself. The clear message is to go gently for the moment – not to stress the body any further. Consistent little steps.

This reminded me of a friends intention/mantra for herself this year. “How can I love myself more?”

Taking the ‘right’ action

Loving myself more means I am kind to my body, that I don’t berate it for those extra kilos and that I move my body in a kind and gentle way. The running will come. In the right time. Our bodies are made to be moved, our muscles, bones and cells relish being used, having blood and energy flow through them, our skin needs a good flush of blood to help with our waste product elimination, and our heart loves expanding. Taking action in the ‘right’ way – the way of heart, love and connection – helps us to function optimally at all levels.

How will you love yourself even more this year?

I’d love to hear your commitment to more self-love in 2018 below.

And if you need support remembering how to be kind to yourself, I’m here to help.