Clearing the murk to travel lightly

A friend recently told meof a man who reduced all his belongings to just 56 items in his home including his toothbrush. Wow, talk about minimal living.

While we may not want to reduce to that degree, often much around us is not necessary. It is more a case of having forgotten to ask ourselves if it still has a place in our space and energy. Spring cleaning and moving offer great opportunities to divest, pass on and re-evaluate relevance of items.

But if we want to travel lightly, we need to also consider how much we have unintentionally hanging around on a daily basis. At a meeting last week, a computer tech whizz glanced at my inbox and remarked – “Is that 1,000 unread emails?” Yes!
The likelihood of me reading those? Nil. Lurking murk.

An unfinished job or two? Lurking murk.
Piles of receipts in your wallet, purse or car? Lurking murk.
Wishing life was different? Lurking murk.
Non-working or broken items? Lurking murk.
Regret or worry? Lurking murk

To clear the murk usually requires action. Using the above, it would be finish the job, delete the emails, commit to being present, file receipts, fix or throw broken items, and get support for shifting regret and worry.

What murk is lurking in your daily life? How can you shift it?

I’d love to hear your comments below how this has this helped you walk a little lighter. Know someone else who might also enjoy this? Please share!