This stunning Hibiscus was gifted to me on Saturday morning by a client.

A perfect bloom of radiating red.

Base Chakra

Red relates to the Base Chakra, one of the energy centres of the body.

The Base Chakra supports us to feel safe, secure and connected to our physical bodies and the material world.
It is also associated with our family or tribe and our sense of belonging.

An unbalanced or under functioning Base Chakra can show up as anxiety, hoarding, feeling unsafe, unsupported, disconnected from our own turangawaewae – our standing place of power, disconnected from our bodies, Mother Earth, and challenges with finances, structure and material aspects of life.

When functioning optimally, we have reverence for ourselves and the Earth.

Kahikatea and the Base Chakra

Kahikatea is one of the Tree Essences in the Personal Power Set of the First Light Flower Essences of NZ® that support, clear and strengthen the Base Chakra.

Kahikatea is a beautiful majestic tree that reaches to the heavens. Similar to us when we are fully grounded and secure in ourselves!
(PS: Did you know that it is the tallest tree in Aotearoa?)

The Kahikatea Deva Blessing is:
“I bring the power of inner strength and stability. Through me you experience an inner foundation of being. Standing tall and ever-extending – secure in the knowledge of your unique standing place on Earth.” 
Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber, The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa – Volume 1

In this unfolding magical world, nothing is by accident and I would like to share three coincidences from Saturday that made the gift of the hibiscus flower and base chakra association even more magical and relevant.

A: I had woken with a slight feeling of anxiety that was hard to attribute to anything in particular and didn’t shift after meditating or gentle enquiry.

B: I had spoken to a friend earlier that morning about how much I cherish Kahikatea. Its powerful support of the base chakra I am forever grateful for and seeing these trees together in natural groves nature is a joy.  (For those in New Zealand, keep your eyes peeled travelling through Waikato for your own sightings).

C: I had, the day before, topped up my supplies of Kahikatea Tree Essence.

Talk about a big red arrow > Base Chakra!

I’m pleased to say that after a few drops of Kahikatea and a grounding exercise the anxiety was gone and a feeling of stability returned.

Grounding and Stabilising Meditation for you

Sometimes with the incessant mind chatter, deadlines to meet and pressure at play, we can lose our stable connections and breathing rhythm.
To help you feel more grounded or stable, try this 6min meditation recorded today just for you.
This can be used anytime you feel the need to breathe back into your body and connect to the earth. Great also for getting out of your head so the answers can arrive more easily.

Suggested Affirmation

The following affirmation may also help enhance your sense of security and stability and your connection to Mother Earth. Enjoy!

Like a majestic tree, I feel my roots firmly and deeply
connected to Mother Earth
giving me a strong foundation as I reach for the heavens,
stable and secure.

And now a little mystery and magic for you!

As you may have noticed, I am always looking for the deeper meaning of all that crosses my path.
Below are some details about Kahikatea that you may not be aware of.

Noting these, if you look with magical eyes, is there another thread of Kahikatea magic to be found?

  1. Kahikatea doesn’t mind wet feet and is commonly found in wet or swampy ground.
  2. From ‘The Meaning of Trees’ by Robert Vennell, “once the sapwood of a decayed Kahikatea tree has rotted away, the durable resinous heartwood remains which made a great fire torch.”
  3. Kahikatea wood was also used for butter boxes in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s as the wood did not taint the butter.
  4. Kahikatea is also called White Pine.

Let me know your thoughts or insights in the comments below. I’d love to hear.

I trust this finds you well and secure in your base chakra, and the others.

If not, I’d be happy to help.

With love