I have been reflecting on whether my voice is strong enough, too strong? As I contemplate the power of the voice, I wonder what is a strong voice?

Is it the loudest?
The most resonant?
The one that gets heard the most?

Our voices are instruments of the sacred – how do you use yours?

What is a strong voice to you?

As one whose words at times can arrive in a torrent, particularly when the mind is streets ahead of the mouth, or alternatively delivered in vague half sentences, I would say it is not being present with my attention and my intention that prevents a strong clear voice.


Spaghetti and Scrambled Eggs

Voicing our words can be a challenge. We are afraid of the response or reaction, so we keep quiet, or the words come out like tangled spaghetti, or they are delivered with a whine, blame, sarcasm or judgement. (I know I can be sharp in my delivery). Fear, anxiety, overwhelm and pressure lockdown our throat, heart and voice.

I have recently been in the company of 3x different people, (including a young man in his 20’s), whose delivery of words was inspiring to observe.

All three were patient and quietly waited for others to finish (the static to clear) and then softly but clearly voiced their question, request or response. No shouting, increased volume or demand. Simply a clear outflow.


Head vs Heart

For me I know that the more I am in my head – and therefore less in my heart, the more disconnected and akin to scrambled eggs my words are. This disconnection can be due to fatigue, pressure, trying to do too many things at once – or be all to all people, not saying No when need to, or not honouring my own needs ie topping up the tank so I have a calm stable foundation to respond to life and people from.

How about you?

May this find you well

With love

Picture credit: Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

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