There is a sense of delight this morning as the falling rain is being gratefully received by the plants in my garden. I can just about feel the rejoicing of the plants as they soak up the delicious, life-giving elixir of water.

Are your cells juicy and succulent?

We are multi-faceted beings, with the many parts of us making up the whole.  Are all parts of you being nourished or are some parts of you parched? Are your relationships dry or stale? Perhaps your creativity is a barren dry mud bed rather than a flourishing garden? Spirit in Maori is wairua – two waters, maybe your ‘waters’ within are stale and stagnant?

What nourishes you?

Take a few minutes now and see or get a sense of what part of you feels barren and dry or lacking nourishment. What can feed and give life to that aspect? Perhaps it is a brisk walk, a connection with a friend, some nutrient greens, a play with some paint, singing, taking a step forward to achieve a goal, some quiet time in nature to soothe your soul or perhaps a remedy or consult with me to reignite your spirit and nourish your soul. Connect in with your cells and see what answers come. Relevant? I would love to hear how. Comment below