Is resistance preventing something delightful and fulfilling from entering your life?

Several months ago my daughter asked if she could change my screen background. I was very resistant, continually saying no, despite regular requests. Bees are significant for me and I was very attached to my picture of bees collecting pollen and NO I did not want it changed.

Recently the requests got the better of me and I relented. After deciding on one, we then somehow ended up with another option that the picture changed every day and my shortcuts icon labels were unreadable. (This did not sit well with my Virgo self and jarred me every time I saw them.)

Taking matters into my own hands I installed a night scene with a beautiful green luminescent tent and the milky way looking gorgeous, from the stock options. (As per picture above).


Now I could read the labels. I wasn’t being agitated with bright red every time I sat at my computer. In its place was a lovely lime and olive-green palette.

I have always associated lime with freshness, young energy, vibrancy, and uplifting laughter and joy, and olive green is the colour of feminine power.

Because I work with the universe and its symbolic language, now every time I work at my computer I am prompted to work with zestful youthful energy and feminine power.

The milky way reminds me of the unboundedness of the universe, and of the limitless support of the cosmos –  that I am a limitless being connected to all.

Can’t help but smile!

Hmmm, so… my resistance to change kept this from my consciousness for how long?
While my reason for holding onto the bees was valid, it also prevented me from moving into a new energy and space.

What are you resisting?

Is it possible that you might be preventing something new and potentially better to come your way?

What are you attached to, that is creating a roadblock to growth and inspiration?

A subtle shift in attitude or a belief can open the door and put out the welcome mat for the universe to meet and support us. Understanding we have this power and how to work with it is empowering.

What help do you need to bring extra esoteric or spiritual support into your every day?

Many blessings as we release all the roadblocks and stubborness and get into the flow of ease, grace and inspiration