Creating space for answers

Asking questions helps us to understand, gain clarity, make connections, or empower.
To gain the most benefit from the answers, we need to create space for the answers both in our minds and in literal silence.

I am intrigued to notice how many times a question is asked and in the same breath, an answer or two given or another question asked. (Interviews on radio and TV particularly those with politicians provide great examples, as can dialogue with teenage boys!)

When we have an answer in mind, the intention behind our question then becomes an exercise in hearing ‘our answer’ – the answer we are expecting or wanting to hear. In essence, we are closing down the energy rather than expanding it.

How are you asking your questions? Of your family? Your friends? Your work colleagues, clients, employees, or bosses? Of spirit, God or the universe? Are you waiting for or wanting an answer that sits comfortably with you or aligns with your own beliefs and intentions?

Are you allowing space for the answers to arrive? Or filling in the space by prompting with or searching for your own preset answers?

May we have expansive minds and create true listening space. Many blessings.

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