Real or not?

Spending time at Shelly Beach on the Kaipara Harbour yesterday we discovered the ‘stones’ above.

However, when stepped upon these rocks and pebbles were in fact sand. Who would have thought? Looked solid but weren’t.


Spiritual traditions talk about the illusion of the three dimensional world we call reality. They say we are in fact living a dream and that the true reality is the spiritual or unseen world. That we are asleep until we awaken to this truth and that our true self is the spirit-self. This is the part of us that is immortal and all-knowing.

Are all parts of ourselves that are not of the spirit-self like the stones of Shelly Beach? Transient, and while seemingly solid and real, maybe not so?


The learnings of the Shelly Beach stones confirmed me for me to take nothing at face value. To ask: What is real? What is not? Is this feeling or emotion real? Is this fear the truth? Is my perception of what I see real or not? What truly lies beneath my life? Beneath my responses?

To ask these questions alllows me to sit with my fear or doubt. This could be fear of judgement, failure, intimacy, not having control, of not seeing or knowing the next step…
From here I see beyond the illusion to the truth. I also see what needs to be done to connect back to my spirit self that is all knowing and has no fear.

Stay curious and be open to change

Perhaps by staying curious and open we discover the truth…

May we know ourselves to be the eternal and fearless spirits we are.

I’d love to hear below how this has this helped you embrace curiousity, explore, meet your spirit-self, or move beyond fear and doubt.

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