The following words arrived in meditation this morning:

“Let go of the past to flourish”
Debra Gillespie

The power of now is the ability to meet the current moment or situation without any preconceptions, sorrows, wounds or historical memories of that which has gone before.

Being a mercurial Virgo I know the challenge of this for me!

How about you?

But we cannot flourish if we are attached to the past.

The hurts of our past. The emotional attachments to people, things, and situations of our past. The yearnings of our past. The expectations of the past. Even the joys of the past.

The joy of a child comes from the present moment. The delight that resides right seeing what is directly in front.

In this moment, I feel the sun on my back and shining on my desk.
If I take a moment to ‘see’ this, to be present to this, to notice fully, my breathing has slowed. I am at peace.

The power of the present.

And here’s a 15sec video that will not only get you back in the present moment but I promise it will bring a smile to your face. (Maybe even a giggle or two!)


With much love as I remember to meet the present moment from a state of openness, innocence and make this my default mode.

And of course, if you need support to release the past, or cut energetic cords of attachment to people, situations or places, let me know! I’d be happy to help.