What’s missing?…

How often do we miss the importance of the simple things?

A recent EnSoul strategic business meeting reminded me of the power of centering & grounding before starting to engage. We were all asked to take a few minutes to be led through a very simple grounding and connecting exercise. Those 2 minutes meant we all moved totally back into heart and soul. Time and space opened.
We were than able to communicate from the depth of knowing rather than thought itself.

This was something that was intended for all EnSoul meetings from the outset… but with eagerness and a myriad of thoughts to communicate and ingest got consistently lost in the moment. It took a new team member to steer us back on the path.

This exercise was a great reminder to do the simple things well and consistently. This could be giving people your full attention, sitting in nature, connecting to spirit, committing to small regular steps towards your goal, remembering to think and speak kindly of yourself and others, to be compassionate or to be regularly grateful.

What gets lost in your moments? What simple things are you forgetting?

Many blessings as we resume the often small and simple to create more balance and cohesiveness in our lives
I’d love to hear your commnents on how this has this helped you reintegrate something back into your life,. 

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