The above Banksy wisdom appeared on my instagram feed via Marianne Williamson, this morning just after I had read these words in my daily horoscope by Anne Macnaughton of Forecasters:

The weekend is often a time when we get to catch up with friends, but also with chores at home, filling the day with the things we don’t have time to do during the working week. As a result we often start the new week exhausted, never having time to unwind and that’s not even mentioning those of us that never get to take their work hat off at all. As Mars spends his last weekend in direct motion, the planet that keeps us active is encouraging you to take it easy and slow down

How many times does a woman need to be told?

Following on from last week’s newsletter, this has particular relevance. Here in NZ it is winter – a time of within and I look around me and see the fatigue that is plaguing women (and men).

When do you stop and rest?

Just because you can keep going, do you need to?

I believe, as a society, we underestimate the importance of down-time.

We need mental and physical downtime. Our bodies and our minds need time to repair and regenerate. Here are my suggestions on this Sunday morning:

  • The most obvious is sleep. Are you getting enough and is it quality? Hint: 5hrs isn’t!
  • Try meditation and creativity to give yourself a rest from problem recycling and focus.
  • Being in nature is a good way to tune in and recharge. Disengage the mind for a moment and focus upon the beauty nature offers in abundance. Listen to the birds singing.
  • Yoga can open and nourish our minds and our bodies. Don’t know yoga? Why not just stretch and open your body? Let your body lead. Focus on breathing and opening.
  • Breathe! Shallow breathing or upper chest breathing keeps our adrenals pumping = a stressed body = fatigue.
    Focus on your breath and intend to draw the in-breath down into your navel, your belly button, so your belly expands out on the in-breath.
  • Have some fun!

Wanting something more tangible and supported? Join my Fierce Heart Women’s Weekend Retreat for deep rest and restoration in August. There are still a few places left. More details here.

I’m off to do my yoga for the morning and go with ease for the rest of the day.

With love