Return to the Heart of the Mother Retreat – June 2016


I am so grateful. The weekend has allowed me to find a sense of peace and calmness within myself, and a clarity of direction. I have released burdens I have held onto for too long. I feel renewed and with a sense of new direction.

Your gentle guidance and direction through the weekend allowed space to open up providing deep insight and a spiritual connection. I have been able to take this with me and radiate this out through my family and the clients I work with. My only request is that you do these retreats more frequently.

I loved playing in the forest… thank you for a wonderful, magical, nourishing retreat which resulted in my reconnection with my feminine Goddess spiritual beliefs.  A wonderful weekend with a group of beautiful women.

I am leaving feeling renewed, rejuvenated, nourished and supported. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank for you for teaching me to appreciate silence… I came home with a better understanding of my husband who has always said if you have, nothing to say why speak? I learnt the beauty of silence and the knowledge that can be gained by being in this space with ones own self & nature.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend. It was unexpectedly powerful. I had no expectations and the whole weekend experience unfolded like a beautiful flower. What a gift.

I leave feeling peaceful, honoured and uplifted. Thank you both for creating a safe place for exploration of myself.

What an amazing weekend ! Thank you! I feel truly blessed to have been able to share some time with such lovely ladies! I am feeling grounded, reconnected and well rested.

Thank you for such a wonderful weekend! From start to finish it was a great experience. A warm, relaxed atmosphere to share with amazing women and delicious food!

A huge thank you to Tessa and you for a beautiful weekend of honouring women. I felt a sense of safety to explore a little further of what my hopes and dreams are, getting clear about what I wish to let go of and what I would like to invite in. Your wisdom and guidance gave me the confidence to find my own answers with in … Reminding me to unlock the playful soup cloud corners of my mind

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