The world is changing. We are at a turning point.


Do you look at the world and wonder and wonder at its craziness?

Do you ask yourself what can I do to create more peace and harmony in the world?

We are on the brink of a new world with all the old outdated structures, paradigms and beliefs being dismantled.

The good news is that as women, we are the vision holders and world weavers and we have a key part to play in the creation of a new way of being.

This sacred purpose is in our bones. Perhaps you have felt it?

Join me and a gathering of fellow gorgeous conscious women on 11th April 2021 to find out how you can play your part. At this day workshop of exploration, connection and inspiration you will:

  • Be guided to discover how every day you can live your sacred purpose – how this can be threaded into the fabric of the universe to hold the vision of peace and harmony for yourself, your family, community and humanity.
  • Be inspired by three heart-led women who embody their sacred purpose every day and shine their unique way of peace, integrity and honesty into the world. Introducing:
  • Receive a personalised Sacred Plant Remedy tailored specifically for you to support you to work with the energies of 2021 and shine your unique light and soul essence into the world.

All in the company of like-minded, equally beautiful souls. Sound pretty divine?

What part will you play? 

What part can you play?

Gather a group of friends together and if you book and pay before 31st March 2021 and you each save $45!

Live your sacred purpose and help create the world anew



When: Sunday 11th April 2021
Registration: 9.30am
Time: 10.00am – 3.00pm
Venue: Eden Gardens
Cost: $195 (Includes finger food lunch)
Earlybird: $175 (valid until 31st March 2021)
Earlybird Bring a friend: $150 each (valid until 31st March 2021)

Please be aware, these events fill up fast and spots are limited to accommodate venue numbers and these group events.

To book or for more details, click here

Would love to have you join us and play your part in creating a new world.

Why this workshop?

Many years ago in meditation I had a vision of women coming out of the shadows to change world.

These were shadows of eons of societal restraints, judgements and restrictions as well as the darkness of our own fears and dis-beliefs about ourselves.

I knew that as women, when we heal ourselves, so we will heal the world. And this starts with one woman at a time. 

About Debbie

For over two decades, I have been offering practical, holistic guidance to support clients ground themselves in their truth and express their soul’s joy.

With over 20 years’ experience and learning in a range of healing modalities, from massage to reiki, Ayurveda and shamanic healing, my work draws on numerology, astrology, chakra healing, sacred First Light® Flower Essences NZ, oracle cards and essential life lessons.

My work supports clients to work with their natural strengths to find solutions where once they only saw obstacles, move with the flow of life and bring peace and harmony to them, their relationships and their lives.

I currently reside in Auckland and offer client consultations in clinic and via skype as well as retreats and group offerings.