I recently received the following affirmation in my inbox from Marianne Williamson:

“Today I say yes to new beginnings”

This felt particularly relevant to me as my heart continues to open and feel the pure potential that is there for us all.

As I head towards my birthday next month which sees me moving further into the crone or wise woman phase of my life, I am relishing a reconnection to the feeling of power and potential reminiscent of my 20’s.

I am feeling alive, excited about where I am in life, the choices I have made – current and past, and consciously continue to release remaining thoughts, belief patterns and behaviours that have wound a tight restrictive cocoon over aspects of myself and my soul and spirit over the years, lifetimes.

There are many things contributing to this reclamation of joy including:

  • My stage of feminine redefinition
  • The healing and shamanic training and integration undertaken over the last 15+ years
  • Courage to have some big conversations and complete rites of passage as they arise
  • The releasing and healing of deep soul wounds and scars with Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis®

I have said yes to opportunities and change and this has allowed old definitions of what I am/was to be released and the embracing of different paths. A dismantling of rigid ‘this way or that way’ thinking and patterning to create a new paradigm of being in the world. A paradigm of more joy and ease.


Radical change

Suffice to say my life is radically different from this time last year. And while these changes are at a deep personal emotional and energetic level, the impact of these has had profound benefits for my relationship, restored my confidence, and invited more ease and joy in my life.I am no longer picking and pulling at the threads of my life in that Virgo way of worrying or teasing like a dog with a bone. Life feels more joyous, even dealing with the mundane and daily grind. Everything feels easy, I feel there is a natural unfoldment occurring in every moment.

Magic right there.
And you know how I love magic!

Much of this I attribute to Esoteric Hypnosis. It is hard to put into words the profound gentle power and success of this modality because it is such a new paradigm of healing and does not fit into the currently known healing or hypnosis frameworks.

This 8min video with Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber may give you a better understanding and provide insight into why I highly regard this process.

A world of joy, power and potential

When we have lost aspects of our self and soul, or we are stuck in old paradigms whether this be old patterns, limiting beliefs or devolutionary or unconscious behaviours it can be hard to say yes to life, to our destiny, to love.

But if we can reclaim and restore those lost aspects, remove limiting paradigms and clear trauma, a world of joy, power and potential unfolds before us.

So it is with great gratitude that I offer two ways to support you on your path:

  • Feminine Heart Mentoring Consultations (1hr – $150 or 1.5hrs – $225)
    • 1:1 Soul Support to help you navigate and meet the challenges of everyday life including a Bespoke Sacred Plant Remedy to energetically support you to honour and express your true self
  • Specialist Esoteric Hypnosis (10 week programme – $2995) 
    • Deep Soul Healing including leading edge soul retrieval and past life healing to reclaim your soul power, find your voice, follow your purpose.
      Heal trauma. Release the Past. Transform your life.

If any of this resonates with you or maybe your soul is calling you to do life differently – to say Yes! I invite you to book your preferred offering either by return email or you can book directly here. (All offerings are conducted online).

Because as we walk with joy and a brave but light heart, we inspire others to do the same. Thereby creating a new world.

With much love and great joy