This Maori proverb popped into my awareness yesterday and thought it a perfect message to share.

“Te tiro atu to kanohi ki tairawhiti ana tera whiti te ra kite ataata ka hinga ki muri kia koe”

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.”


A New Day

The sun rising every morning is a reminder of the promise of a new day. We can choose to start the day with a clean slate without any interference from the previous days, months or years.

And conversely at sunset, we can leave behind the trials, troubles and engagements of the day that has just been.


The Power of the Sun for wellbeing

In addition to the warmth the sun provides for our soul, it also supports our physical wellbeing.

Just 10 – 20 mins sitting in sunlight can be beneficial to our mood, sleep quality, hormonal balance, bone and immune health1, as well as ease low levels of depression*2.

From the sun’s rays the body makes Vitamin D. How awesome is that?

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient the body needs to function properly, and is essential for growth, and muscle and teeth development.

It protects against muscle weakness and is involved in regulation of the heartbeat, is necessary for thyroid function, normal blood clotting3, and the is unable to absorb or process calcium without it2.

Sounds like a great reason to turn to the sun to me!

Just 15mins to gain benefit

My morning routine includes sitting in the sun as I sip my morning cuppa. This simple 15min activity gives me the opportunity to:

  1. Pay attention to my breathing and my feet – so I centre and ground
  2. Practice mindulfness while sipping my drink
  3. Allow the warmth of the sun to nourish my soul and my body


And we like simple.

When I was working 10hr days, leaving in the dark and coming home in the dark, whenever possible I ate my lunch in the park so I could get some fresh air, bring myself back to centre and allow the sun on my brow to support my hormones and brain.


Working with the Evening Rhythm

Following the rhythm of the sun, at the end of the day we can:

  • Release all that has occured in the day. See it all just dissolve and fall away
  • Honour and acknowledge all those we have come into contact with – thank them for their presence and then send love their way
  • Include even those that we have had less positive interactions with. Send them love so their pain, anger or hurt may be soothed and relieved, and then close that door

Ready and clean for the next day!

I’d love to hear your thoughts of your experiences of turning towards the sun. Pop them in the comments below.

May we all find the sun in our lives and allow its joy in, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

With love

* Assuming a causative factor in depression is lack of Vitamin D. 
3Prescription for Nutritional Healing, 2nd Edition. James F Balch and Phyllis A Balch